Three things: Getting married in Cabo

If you’re considering a destination wedding in Cabo, here a are a few key considerations to help plan accordingly.

1. There are two types of ceremonies – Symbolic and Civil

Symbolic Ceremony:

  • This is the most common type of wedding in Cabo and as the name suggests it is purely symbolic
  • A Non-Denominational minister or officiant performs the ceremony
  • You can customize the ceremony to your specific preferences with the minister or officiant
  • Afterwards, you sign a marriage certificate with your two witnesses and the minister or officiant; this certificate is not in itself legal binding
  • In order for the ceremony to be legal, you need to file your paperwork in the US at your local clerk’s office

Civil Ceremony:

  • This is a legal ceremony recognized in the eyes of a municipal court house.
  • A Judge must preside and perform the ceremony
  • You must have blood tests taken in Cabo a couple days prior to the ceremony
  • You must provide 4 witnesses, your tourist visas from immigration, passports for both the groom and bride, and death and divorce decrees (if applicable)

2. Timing

Cabo has pretty amazing and warm weather throughout the year but some months may be more desirable than others.

  • November through April is considered peak season and has pretty optimal weather during the day and night
  • May, June, and July are part of the off-peak season as the weather starts to warm up even more
  • August and September are in Cabo’s rainy season and hurricanes might even be a concern; storms can last anywhere from 12 hours to multiple days and the weather is generally hot and humid during this period; resorts may offer incentives and deals during this slow season
  • October is a “shoulder” month and one of our favorite times to visit Cabo. After rainy season and before peak season, it’s generally not too crowded (except for the week of the Bisbee fishing tournament); the weather is hot but rain isn’t usually a concern

3. Plan in advance!

Be sure to give yourself and your guests’ ample time! Nine months is a general rule of thumb to allow for securing decent group rates at resorts [Hint: Cabo Direct can help with this!], arranging air travel, and booking locations, venues, vendors, and associated activities. You can pull it off in tighter timeframes, but rates could be higher or your options might be diminished; your ability to react to surprises along the way will be tested as well. You might also strongly consider leveraging a professional wedding planner. If you’re intending to use a resort venue, you’ll be sharing their on-site coordinator who might be supporting a number of other parties concurrently. There are many specialized wedding planners in Cabo who know really the lay of the land to help pull off a truly special day (and perhaps even find a private beach away from the crowds!).

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