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Cabo Direct is your insider’s path to discounts at the finest luxury 'Resort Residence' rentals

How does the Cabo Direct service work?

Cabo is a magical land of contrast - from ocean and sea, to desert, and mountains - balancing natural beauty, biodiversity, and luxury. If you're ready to experience the unparalleled Baja lifestyle, Cabo Direct is your guide to not only discounts at the finest resorts, but a differentiated, elevated booking experience.

1. Fractionals are friends

Many of the finest resorts in Cabo supplement their occupancy rates and operating expenses by selling fractional ownership contracts (a.k.a. timeshares). These timeshare owners possess a set number of weeks (varying by individual contract) in these luxury condo or villa style resorts.

2. Excess inventory

As you know, a some of these timeshare (fractional) owners find themselves unable to utilize their purchased weeks (which typically refresh annually) and are seeking to unload their extra capacity to try and recoup their investment and maintenance fees.

3. Matching owners & travelers

Cabo Direct syncs with prospective travelers (i.e., you!) seeking discounted luxury getaways in Cabo San Lucas and locates excess, unused vacation weeks from its network of verified, motivated timeshare owners. It's a win-win in the truest sense.

4. You name the time & place

You simply supply the dates and requested location, Cabo Direct scours its network and comes back with options and prices – zero upfront costs to get quotes and no memberships to buy. You’re just cutting out the greedy middle-man (i.e., Expedia, Travelocity,, Priceline, etc.) and booking significantly discounted weeks at your 'Resort Residence' of choice.

5. Turnkey & secure

Cabo Direct manages the transaction and all requisite paperwork with the owners and resort. Payments are handled via our secure e-commerce store. You enjoy all the perks of a luxury 'Resort Residence' vacation and below market pricing tied to the fractional contracts, without any sales presentations, maintenance fees, or associated ownership hassles.

6. Simple and stress-free

Your stay is secured as a confirmed reservation directly with the resort property, under your name(s) with no additional commitments. It is inclusive of taxes and fees – nothing shady or unexpected. Guaranteed reservations AND significant discounts at Cabo's finest resorts. This insider’s path to luxury rentals just might be the secret too good to share with your friends ;-)

Some of our featured properties available today

Ready to really supercharge your Cabo vacation? Instead of using traditional online booking websites, find an amazing deal on a luxury 'Resort Residence' rental. Cabo Direct brings you the exact same suites and villas at 20%, 30%, even 40% off the "retail" online prices.

Why you want a ‘Resort Residence’ instead of a standard vacation rental or hotel

Vacationers are becoming increasingly familiar with rentals instead of hotels – the explosion of the home sharing economy with Airbnb, HomeAway, and VRBO is living proof of that. While these “alternative” accommodations provide certain benefits, recent research has shown that leisure travelers really value luxury resort services when away from home. The ‘Resort Residence’, one of the biggest secrets in vacation travel, combines the best of both worlds – space and privacy with luxury and convenience. Typically, families had to buy into a timeshare to have access at a reasonable price (or have generous family members or friends who own one). Ubiquity of technology has greatly simplified renting a Resort Residence and they are the best vacation accommodation choice for four key reasons.

Livable, usable space

Resort Residences are quite literally residences with kitchens, family rooms, balconies, and potentially multiple bedrooms. You can comfortably spend quality time together enjoying activities and savoring meals as well relaxation time apart reading, reflecting, or sleeping. This is a much more desirable a set-up than adjoining hotel rooms where rollaway beds, a minibar and ice bucket comprise the extent of your amenities. For families with young kids, the children can sleep peacefully while the adults enjoy the rest of the night in comfort and style.


Since Resort Residences are professionally managed facilities, you benefit from comprehensive front desk services, housekeeping, maintenance, and on-site security – everything you might expect from a hotel stay. No more looking for the keys under the flower pot or meeting your local contact to check-in. No more washing your own towels or fussing with a non-working toilet. And your options are easy to research on TripAdvisor or other review sites, making unbiased comparisons straightforward not like a typical home sharing rental.

Location and amenities

Resort Residences can include numerous amenities such as pools, hot tubs, fire pits, children’s activities, a variety of on-site restaurants and bars, spas and beauty services, sports equipment, fitness facilities and training, and shuttle service or other transportation options. Some resorts cater more to adults, others to families with children – so you can choose the right selection for your lifestyle needs as well as specific desired locations (i.e., beach, golf course, marina, city, or even more secluded and private).

Saving money

Renting a Resort Residence can be a tremendous value. It is not uncommon to find nightly rates less than comparable local hotel rooms. For example, a two-bedroom unit with a family room and kitchen is often priced lower than two adjoining hotel rooms at a comparable property. And with a full kitchen, you can save money (and time) by avoiding dependence on restaurants, room service, or local food delivery. A quick stop by the grocery store for snacks, drinks, and breakfast items can provide huge convenience and savings.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you want to know to be a savvy Cabo traveler

Q. I'm renting an owner's “timeshare” week - what are my obligations really?

A. The word “timeshare” can spark strong feelings from vacationers who have sat through long-winded, overbearing presentations. In renting a timeshare, you can enjoy all the perks of a luxury vacation without the burden of ownership. You’ll even be relieving the worries of a timeshare owner who couldn’t use their prepaid vacation time. It’s a total win-win! You check in at the front desk just like you booked it off their site. Their sales team may ask you to take a presentation, but you can politely decline and go about your holiday.

Q. How does this cost less than leading travel sites such as Expedia, Travelocity,, Priceline, et al?

A. Those online agencies need to cover some pretty significant administrative and marketing costs (think about all of that overhead) as well as pay out the resorts for the accommodations. Cabo Direct's network of timeshare owners can access below market rates because of their fractional ownership. You just give us the desired resort(s) and dates and then we do all the legwork and come back with a great deal for you. No upfront costs or commitments.

Q. Why shouldn't I just look to rent weeks myself from owners I've seen on the web?

A. We think renting a 'Resort Residences' is the best balance of luxury and value in Cabo, so however you get them is great! That said, our clients keep coming back to us for 3 main reasons: 1. Convenience: Instead of inquiring and negotiating with a handful of private owners yourself, Cabo Direct uses its network and does all of that extensive legwork for you and comes back with options; 2. Price: Because we have a finger on the pulse of potential "time sensitivities" of various owners within our network (translation: their annual term is coming up and sometimes weeks are "use it or lose it"), we're able to aggressively negotiate deals for our clients; 3. Safety: Cabo Direct has been in business for 8 years with an impeccable service history, so you don't have to ponder about where you're sending money (note: we only take credit cards via our secure portal), if you're going to get what's been promised, or who you're sharing your personal information with (notice, we even use a SSL digital certificate on our site to protect our clients).

Q. Why isn't there a phone number listed on

A. We used to list all of our contact information publicly, but found ourselves continually inundated with vendors trying to sell us something! We're a boutique, family run operation and really want to spend our time focusing on clients who want to come to Cabo and stay in great resorts at a nice discount. Accordingly, our process begins by completing one of the inquiry forms and we'll reach out to you directly via your preferred medium: email, text, WhatsApp, Skype, or even talking on the phone (with a live person based in the US!). Once you are a client, you'll have our information and can simply contact us directly.

Q. Why can't you just list the prices so I can book instantly right in the site?

A. Based on your requested dates, Cabo Direct scours through its network validated owners to find suitable matches at the venue, date range, and type/size of unit you've requested. Once availability is confirmed, we swiftly circle back with options and you simply finalize with a credit card via our secure processing portal. Prices and availability can change daily, so each request is processed accordingly. If an extra day isn't worth saving 20-40% off your Cabo vacation, there are many online travel portals which can process your reservation at the retail price.

Q. I own a timeshare in Cabo, can you help me sell my extra weeks

A. Over the course of our eight years in the business, Cabo Direct has assembled a trusted network of verified sellers with prime weeks at the top resorts in Cabo. That said, we’re always looking to make new friends. Drop us a line with your details and someone will be in touch.

Q. I want to get rid of my timeshare, would you buy it?

A. That’s really not in our wheelhouse. We focus on helping timeshare owners unload excess weeks and helping aspiring vacationers get a great bargain by renting these fractionals.

Q. Do I have to stay a week?

A. Timeshare contracts in Cabo are all built around weekly stays only and the set check-in days often vary by each property. But many of our clients have found that you can use Cabo Direct and get a full week at such a discount, you'll come out ahead of traditional online pricing for a 4-5 day stay.

Q. You mentioned being in business for 8 years, but this site looks pretty new?

A. We started our service in 2012 and over the years have had several different names and websites. It was time to do it right and in 2019 we've rebranded as Cabo Direct. Rest assured, our extensive network of desirable weeks at top properties has remained constant throughout. And our service keeps repeat customers coming back year after year.

About Cabo Direct

Cabo Direct is a boutique service passionately founded to help travelers looking for Cabo deals and timeshare owners with excess weeks to rent. It all began in 2012 by merely assisting family and friends. In the years since, we’ve built up an established network of potential inventory and know how to navigate the policies and regulations of the various resorts.

Focusing solely on Cabo, we deeply understand the area and the features of each property to help you find the best options for your vacation. We don’t post prices as each client request and transaction is unique and even may change from day to day, month to month, depending on the availability of the requested resort.

We promise efficient, transparent communication throughout the process via your preferred method including email, text/SMS, WhatsApp, Skype, or even talking on the phone with a live, US-based person. There are no upfront fees or commitments to receive price quotes. Finalizing the transaction is straightforward and via credit card in a secure portal. And in just a few hours, you’ll receive a guaranteed reservation from your selected resort. Isn’t that worth saving 20%, 30%, even 40% off the prices at Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, Priceline, and other online travel sites?

Cabo Direct is a family-run operation - not some big corporation with massive overhead. Both the travelers and the timeshare contract holder benefit here. And over the years, we have saved hundreds of families, literally thousands of dollars. Your elevated booking experience in Cabo starts here.


Years in business


Clients served


Weeks stayed


Average % saved

Using Cabo Direct, I booked an amazing penthouse at Casa Dorada over the Thanksgiving holiday which slept my entire family and we even saved enough money (compared to booking the exact same unit on Expedia) to cover everyone's airfare! Checked in at the front desk just like normal without any single questions or concern. Our stay right on Medano Beach was absolutely perfect and literally a 7 minute walk to all of the restaurants and bars. But the cherry on top was the money we saved. The process couldn't be more professional and reassuring. Can't say enough good things about this experience. Would recommend to anyone planning a Cabo vacation.

Janet A.

Santa Monica, California
Couldn't wait to check out Diamante and it certainly didn't disappoint. Both golf courses were impeccable. We're 6 and 22 handicaps and had a fabulous experience on the links. The restaurants and pools were spot on as well. But the best part of this was how much money we saved booking through Cabo Direct and also we could simply say "no thanks" to all of their aggressive timeshare solicitations. I'd actually like a timeshare here, but wouldn't be able to use it enough to make sense. Cabo Direct is the next best thing; I rent the owner experience at a huge discount versus retail prices. Will be using them again for sure time we're headed this way.

Jeff D.

Walnut Creek, California
We had our heart set on the Grand Solmar Land's End for our Los Cabos honeymoon. When we priced it out, our budget was unfortunately in-line with one of their studio rooms. Not bad, but not what we wanted. Thankfully, my friend told me about Cabo Direct. Through their connections, we were able to get a presidential suite with two bedrooms, private balcony, living room, and full kitchen for the same price as the studio and on same dates. The booking process was really easy. After submitting my inquiry, they came back with prices the next day and within a few hours I had a confirmed reservation in hand. What an amazing week and we owe it all to Cabo Direct.

John T.

Dallas, Texas

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